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MSP Mingle connects employee groups across 17 Fortune 500 companies and other major employers. Target kicked it off in 2016.
Ecolab CEO Doug Baker spoke at the first MSP Mingle event to take place in downtown Saint Paul.
Other companies like U.S. Bank, HealthPartners, Xcel Energy, and Securian have taken turns hosting the event.

Graduate-to-Graduate: Jenny Djupedal

Jenny Djupedal is an Associate Marketing Manager at Land O'Lakes. Jenny, who grew up overseas but finished high school in Minnesota, moved to MSP in 2017 after earning her MBA from the Tuck School of  Business at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. We caught up with her to...

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Graduate-to-Graduate: Mónica Renta

Mónica Renta is an Associate Marketing Manager at General Mills. Born and raised in San Juan, PR, Mónica moved to MSP from Chicago in 2016 after completing her MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. We caught up with Mónica to learn how it's...

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Graduate-to-Graduate: Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson is is Senior Director of Strategy & Planning in UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement. Originally from Fairfax, VA, Sarah moved to MSP in 2015 after receiving her MBA/MPH at the University of Michigan. We caught up with Sarah to learn how it’s going....

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